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With Google's diverse updates to search engines, Website Maintenance has become one of the services considered a priority and of great importance for any strategy digital marketing.

Website maintenance: What should be done?

Have a website today is relatively simple. Some people even at home create some with an interesting design using WordPress or some other similar system. And all this can cost little or almost nothing. Creating a website with a professional can be a smarter way for those who want to have real results and really quality, especially for those who want to have a business and promote it from the Internet.

However, it is a fact that website maintenance is sometimes necessary. But many have no idea what to do to have an adequate routine. Especially because the necessary knowledge is more technical. So it ends up being smarter to leave maintenance in the hands of professionals, especially when you have obvious limitations as to what a hosting service is, a domain, programming and markup languages, databases and so on.

The fact is that however necessary, maintenance done the wrong way can make everything much worse than it started. So here is a step by step of what needs to be done for everything to work out. So, in addition to feeling safe, you will be sure that you will not miss the results you have made. Let's check it out?


Website maintenance: What should be done?

First of all it is important to say that the maintenance of websites should start with the quality check of your hosting service. See if the hosting service is delivering both good upload and download speed. Sometimes you may be getting a very large flow of hits that your current plan cannot handle. Another thing you need to do before making any changes is a complete backup of your website. Unfortunately many people ignore this part and end up losing all the work they had done.

And this can often cause huge losses, as there are things like sales information or services that are saved on the server and are lost along with the website. Usually a backup is offered free of charge with the hosting service. However, it is important to check if this is your case. If not, it is really worth investing.

See if you can also find differences between the themes and page designs. Often you will be able to deliver a broken, incomplete experience to your followers if you simply ignore a job like this.

So worry about always having a cohesive and well-designed website developed. If you do not have the time or the technical expertise to perform these and many other routine checkups to keep your website always ticking, do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help you: (21) 97570-5125

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