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Count on our experienced Google Ads certified team to manage your sponsored campaigns on ads / Adwords. Google Ads Management ALXWEB.

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Benefits of advertising on Google Adwords

We manage your Google ads so that there is a balance between the amount invested, the achievement of objectives and the strategies developed.

Resources savings

adjust google ads campaign

Your financial resources will be applied based on statistical data and strategies consolidated in the Google Adwords tool.

Selected audience reach

advertise on google

Your ad campaigns on Google can be set up for the right audience based on region, age, gender and location.

Predictable investments

how much does it cost to advertise on google

Your investments in sponsored Google Ads will never exceed the limit established and agreed at the meeting.

Display ad campaigns

google display ads

This is a specific configuration for those who need to make a brand mass campaign, that is, for their brand to be known.

Consulting for Google Ads - How it works and why to hire

It is not today that the world of digital marketing has become extremely complex. After all, we are facing an explosion of new technologies, especially when we talk about digital marketing

Today we all know the importance of being at the top of Google. However, there seems to be some difficulties when it comes to making more objective choices about how to improve the results. The competition is huge, and some even pay absurd amounts on clicks for their favorite keywords. Understanding in depth how Google Ads works, then, has been an outlet for many to conquer a little place in the sun.

After all, it allows immediate placement for proportional and reasonable values. The results will then depend entirely on your copywriting and style.

But not everyone really knows how to use the tool. And when I say this, I'm not talking about the practical aspect of scheduling a campaign. You can know how to do everything right, but only a Google Ads consultancy of professionals will guarantee you the ideal goal.

Consulting for Google Ads - How it works and why to hire

A consultancy for Google Ads is a service that requires extreme professional capacity to define the ideal niche for the persona market. Many think only around the keyword, but getting people to your site is not so simple.

Snippet itself, for example, is the first invitation, or obstacle, to access your website. Since people often discard all of their content just by the simple preview. Understanding what your audience wants and synthesizing it as a promise in the preview already helps your client to be seduced.

Another point is how we are sometimes wrong about what the key word really should be. As much as you think that something is the ideal focus of your work, it is not necessarily what will give you the most results.

Many try to use the strategy of copying their competition and making similar advertisements, using the same keywords and structures. But this is not always the best way, as there are different products and customers.

On the other hand, you may have no idea where to start. And don't feel embarrassed. It is quite common, there is nothing wrong with that. Nobody is born knowing how to make a campaign for Google Ads. That is why it is necessary to hire a consulting service for Google Ads, as you will achieve a greater result on your investment (ROI). It takes a lot of study and a lot of practice. So the best thing to do is to have someone who is already experienced in the subject. And we are here to help you. After all, having results is what matters.

Come and talk to us about our consultancy for google ads / adwords. Contact us by email or Whatsapp: 21 97570-5125!

How ALXWEB will make your company grow with Google Ads !!!

Paying only when the customer accesses your site or calls you doesn't seem like a dream? With ALX WEB's team of Experts (Certified by Google LLC.), Your ads appeared to your specific audience when they search for your Products or Services on Google's search networks.

What to do? Where to go? What to Buy? These are the questions that consumers use daily before making a decision, they are looking for YOU, but ... where are you? ALX WEB will take care of this matter by doubling, tripling its sales opportunities.

Purpose of Google Ads campaigns

  • + Increase the number of visits to the Site;
  • + Receive more calls;
  • + Increase visits to your store.
  • Increase in revenue.

Value of Investment

  • * You define and the limit will never be exceeded;
  • * Pause, adjust or reset your Adwords campaign at any time;
  • * The account with google is yours, you are the owner of your money.


We start with a question. When you or someone close to you feels a chest discomfort, a discomfort, connected to the heart, who do you look for? A General Physician or a Cardiologist? Yes I know! A cardiologist! The difference between these two great professionals is that one of them specializes, studies, delves into a specific topic, was thoroughly evaluated, took a specific exam and received his certification.

In the digital world it is no different, Google has been campaigning worldwide with regard to NON-CERTIFIED professionals working on Google platforms without being recognized by the company, they are the pseudo specialists without the diploma hanging on the wall. How would you feel about depositing resources, dreams and goals to a professional not evaluated by the competent body? , my goal is human development and ethics in the digital world, for you who read me now, I ask a favor, ask the professional who manages your campaigns on Google for your certificate, write down the certificate number and check it together to Google its validity, remember that all certificates are valid for 01 year, that's right! 01 year, we are required annually for a new exam "

Anderson M. D - Google Ads / Adwords Account Manager

Anderson MD is responsible for Google Ads campaigns for ALX WEB, a professional from the Retail market with strong knowledge in consumer psychology, stood out with Google Ads as one of the first AdWords certificates, today he keeps on his resume executed in Brazil and Italy, with 7 certificates in effect on Google platforms.


Fale Conosco
Fale Conosco