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Online Store Development without bureaucracy, we create your professional sales website with great tools for attracting customers and converting into real results.

Online Store Development: what are the advantages?

From Amazon to a simple attempt to sell exotic garden seeds, everywhere you will find some kind of e-commerce that will offer interesting options that can be done dynamically and easily.

I believe you are probably more used to buying cheaper things on the internet than in physical stores. For example, computers and other accessories. Even the car market is moving completely to the Internet.

The fact is that creating a virtual store has really been one of the most profitable outlets for the modern entrepreneur. It all revolves around how you expand your business and your options.

First of all, it is important to note that a virtual store is above all a possibility of income completely free from big commitments. The largest expenses are incurred at the time of development, and they are nowhere near comparable to the routine expenses of an ordinary physical store.

Only the rent of a store in some parts of the city can often exceed this value. After all, we are talking about a service that, in a digitalized world like ours and extremely interconnected, tends to generate extremely expressive returns when compared to the required investment.

That is, at first glance we are talking about a structure that is very cheap. And that will not compete with the physical store. Another interesting point is that we are talking about an environment that will help you with digital marketing. If you also have physical stores or want to improve your brand awareness, this is exactly the best place to start. Since when connecting to your client you are also showing a kind of portfolio of your work.

An advertisement for your products is also an advertisement for your store. So it never ends as something empty, there is always a return, even if it is not in a direct sale to that person. Another interesting point is that a virtual store will not charge you for employees, nor will you have to sit there all day to meet someone. You can have an answering service, but you can put a chatbot to solve the problem.

Over time, the returns are so interesting that it is difficult for people to try to invest in a physical store when they are used to this business model.

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Online Store Features

Online Store Features

Online Store Integrations

Online Store Integrations

Request Quote

Request Quote

Some features of your ONLINE STORE


  • Friendly System
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • General data management
  • Product Management


  • SEO Tool
  • Access statistics
  • Link with Social Media
  • Discount Coupons
  • SSL Security Seal
  • Whatsapp and Email


  • Responsive
  • Modern and Updated
  • Clear and Objective
  • Customizable
  • Advertising Banners


  • Manageable panel
  • Number of Visits
  • Most accessed products
  • Origin of accesses
  • Users in real time
  • Monthly or daily report


  • Manageable
  • Plug. Security free version
  • Comments on Products
  • Customizable
  • WordPress or Magento


  • Configurable products
  • Simple administration
  • SEO in products
  • Comments on products
  • Category Management
  • Miscellaneous Filters


  • Responsive
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets; Iphones
  • PCs, Mac
  • Miscellaneous computers


  • SEO Tool
  • Who We Are
  • Policies and Freight
  • Payment Methods
  • Inventory Control
  • Contact Us / SAC

Tools and Integrations of your PROFESSIONAL ONLINE STORE

When creating a virtual store, we take care to use essential integration tools, provided by consolidated, renowned partners and with an indisputable know-how, with the team of ecommerce developers, your online sales website can become a reality of success.


atendimento por whatsapp
Whatsapp integrated for free

Contact Forms

formulario de contatos
E-mail Service Form

Google Analytics

google analytics
Access Statistics

SSL Certificate

certificado SSL
* Basic Security Certificate


Delivery System

Pag Seguro

pag seguro uol
Credit Card Payment System

Pay Pal

International Credit Card Payment System

Mercado Pago

mercado pago
Market Payment System

Pagar Me

pagar me
 Credit Card Payment System

Transferência Bancária

transferência bancária
Bank Transfer Payment System

Bank slip

boleto bancário
Sist. de Pagamento por Boleto

B Cash

b cash
B Cash payment system


+ Questions about creating online store or sales site:

The ALXWEB online store is ready with all the basic initial tools to make a sale with quality and safety, get to know us and see.

Yes, in the wordpress or magento online store it is possible to configure the system to use the post office or carrier shipping calculation! You still have the option of calculating FREE SHIPPING for a given region or making the withdrawal sale at the counter if you have a physical location, physical store or office. MARKETING TIP: For your sales to be more effective, try to make the lowest possible freight value in your online sales store or in your professional ecommerce! Our online sales sites already have freight calculation tools installed.

If you have any doubt: Click here and talk to us

Certainly, all the online stores we develop are manageable with content publishers, and yet, we offer an hour of free training to create, edit or delete products in your ecommerce. Creating a online store with simple content editors and product management is with Alxweb.

If you have any doubt: Click here and talk to us

We understand that an online sales platform should not have a sales limit so as not to affect the customer’s billing, so all the online stores we develop are unlimited for sales!

Sales limit: Unlimited;
*Page views limit: Unlimited;
*Product limit: Unlimited.

If you have any doubt: Click here and talk to us

Wordpress content editors allow you to set up a virtual store with various types of products, physical or virtual, for both, it is possible to configure attributes such as: Color; Size; Type; Voltage; and much more. It is also possible to establish a different price for each attribute in the same product.


  • *Photo limit: Unlimited;
  • *Product limit: Unlimited;
  • Text limit for description: Unlimited;
  • Sales limit: Unlimited.

If you have any doubt: Click here and talk to us


Yes, for each type of category it is possible to create promotional banners in your online sales store, including on the rotating slide or on the static side banners of the pages.

If you have any doubt: Click here and talk to us

Yes, our online stores are configured with SEO On Page tools. This functionality helps to improve website traffic and helps google so that your product or service is more easily found in search results. Some features of the SEO FOR ECOMERCE tool on your sales website:


  • Friendly url;
  • Access to the source code;
  • Inclusion of meta tag;
  • Inclusion of meta description;
  • Assistance with keywords;
  • Assistance with keywords in the titles;
  • Help with stop words;
  • Word counter;
  • Link counter;
  • Page analysis for content performance;
  • Instructions for improving the system with the tool;
  • … and more!

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We believe that wordpress is the best online sales platform because of its various features and facilities in its integration, including the sales report already integrated!

How to generate sales reports in the online store?

The data and various reports related to all negotiations made in the wordpress virtual store, are saved in the system with their respective data respecting the data security policies of customers.

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If you still have questions about creating a virtual store in rj, creating an online sales or ecommerce website, and perhaps you have not found an answer to your questions in the topics above, contact us by clicking on the link below.


If you have any doubt: Click here and talk to us

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Fale Conosco