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We are an SEO Management and Consulting company, our job is to apply and manage Website Optimization techniques by increasing your online presence, improving Google search results, and consequently increasing the demand for your products and services.

Understand some steps in SEO Optimization

01 – Goals

Define with the client what are the objectives intended with the SEO Consulting, such as: Increase of visits on the website; Improved positioning in search engines; Increased sales; Creation of marketing campaigns, Articles for blog and linkbuilding, Social Media, among others.

02 – Competitors

We analyze the competition and the market in-depth to relate the best SEO strategies and tactics, then, based on real facts, we will work on the keywords and various other factors of the competitor and the customer.

03 – Content

We also analyze the competitor’s keywords, but also, the entire content of texts and codes including meta-tags, in this way, we will be able to elaborate a relevant project for your website, and in this format, we will start the competition with greater correct capacity .

04 – Steps and Deadlines

Certainly, the steps and deadlines will be defined according to the objectives to be achieved, and the strategies established for SEO Optimization.

The deadlines vary from customer to customer because they do not depend only on internal factors, but external ones that are the Off-Page SEO Strategies.

Why choose an SEO Agency for Website Optimization?

Firstly, SEO optimization for websites or online stores is defined by a set of strategies and techniques applied by professionals trained and qualified in SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization).

With the purpose of always delivering better results, Google is extremely strict when it comes to meeting different criteria and policies for website optimization.

Although there are several tools to optimize websites, negotiate with an SEO agency and use the free consultancy to detail the project, it is the most effective way to carry out such tasks, without compromising the objectives proposed by customers looking for better positions in search results. Of google.

The SEO Agency ALXWEB, is able to comply with the requirements of Google and, therefore, can perfectly help to leverage your business bringing more traffic to your website or online store.

Over 10 years with experience in website development, creating virtual stores, SEO, social media management, banners, web systems, hosting, google adwords / Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads and much more.

Credibility, determination and know-how cannot be lacking in the prerequisites established for the success of any business. That is why we are here, to help you, small, medium or large entrepreneur to grow and multiply.

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